Standard Terms and Conditions

1.0           Terms of payment

1.1           The pre-agreed upon payment terms shall apply through our correspondences.

1.2           All items and services sold under debt payment facilities require the approval of Facilities Department.

1.3           All accounts exceeding payment terms shall be suspended, which result in lateness in your purchase orders as they need the approval of the Facilities Department.

1.4           To contact the customer services at Hilti Jordan Company and inform them of any errors / discrepancies in the goods supply within seven days from receipt of the invoice.


2.0           Sale prices and conditions

2.1           The prices contained in the prices quotation and invoices are final prices per the agreed upon discount.

2.2           No invoice invoiced to the customer's account related to any items ordered and supplied to the customer shall be cancelled under any circumstances.

2.3           The products shall be sold in form of sale packs and their duplicates.


3.0           Shipping

3.1           Hilti Jordan Company shall provide free-of-charge delivery service 24 hours from the date of receiving the purchase order within the boundaries of Amman (except for special orders) Whereas, orders outside Amman will be delivered within 72 hours from the date of receiving the purchase order.

3.2           Delivering orders within the same day shall need prior arrangements and such services may be subject to additional fees.

3.3           Your orders shall be placed to prove the supply processes within 60 days from the date of issuing the invoice.

3.4           In case the customer discovers any discrepancies in the prices or quantities upon supplying the goods, the customer shall submit complaint to the customer service at Hilti Jordan Company and to mention the invoice number and the complaint details within 48 hours from the date of receiving the goods.

3.5           In case the goods are damaged or lost, Hilti Jordan Company shall take the responsibility and replace the goods at its own cost or refund the customer without taking any other responsibility.

3.6           Should the customer refuses to take over the goods for any reason, Hilti Jordan Company shall store the goods and re-supply it at the cost of the customer provided to notify the customer in advance.

3.7           Hilti Jordan Company reserves the right to claim the fees of orders supplied outside Amman or the bulk or heavy weight orders, or the orders of less than 200 Dinars


4.0           Returning Policy

4.1           The customer has the right to replace the purchases for any reason within one week from the purchase date, provide the goods to be replaced are in their original condition and attached to the packing materials, usage manuals, and their own attachments, in addition to the original purchase invoice, noting that there shall be returning and re-storage fees up to 25% to be deducted from the value of the returned items. In addition, Hilti Jordan Company reserves the right to inspect or reject any returned item.

4.2           The customer shall have the right to return his purchases, except the chemical items, within one week from the purchase date provided they meet the returning terms and conditions.

4.3           The customer shall have the right to replace his purchases, except the chemical items, within 14 days from the purchase date provided they meet the returning terms and conditions.

4.4           The goods especially imported for the customer shall not be returned.

4.5           The goods that need special storage method shall not be returned.

4.6           The Management of Hilti Jordan Company shall have the right to waiver the returning conditions in special cases and to impose returning fees, as the case may be.


5.0           Maintenance

5.1           Hilti Jordan Company reserves the right to dispose of the machines not received within six months from the repairing date and the customer shall have no right to claim such machines.

5.2           The machines disapproved for repair shall be returned dismantled (unassembled).


6.0           Acceptance of purchase orders

6.1           All purchase orders placed by the customer to supply the goods shall subject to the conditions of Hilti Jordan Company.

6.2           The customers' signature on the invoice shall serve as legal evidence on receiving the goods.




7.1           20 years manufacturer warranty

7.2           Hilti No Cost Coverage includes no costs of repair for up to two (2) years from the date of purchase of the Goods. This includes:

7.2.1       Labour costs

7.2.2       Transport costs

7.2.3       Faulty parts subject to wear and tear

7.2.4       servicing when indicated by the service indicator on the tool

7.2.5       functional checks and adjustment and safety checks

7.3           After the No Cost Coverage period has expired the repair costs are capped,

7.3.1       A fixed percentage of the published price for the new equivalent product

7.3.2       In the event the cost of the repair remains below the Hilti Repair Cost Limit, the Buyer shall only pay the actual cost of repair.

7.3.3       1 month no cost coverage after each paid repair.

8.0           Authorities

8.1           The representatives of Hilti Jordan Company are not authorized to amend any of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

8.2           Hilti Jordan Company shall not be responsible for any loss, costs, penalties damages (expenses) or fees directly or indirectly resulting from any delay in supplying the goods even if such delay is a result of the Company’s negligence.

8.3           Hilti Jordan Company reserves the right to change any of the aforesaid terms and conditions as need without prior notice.



For any inquiry or complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact the customers service on